See our vision

It is a third place where you can practice art with contemporary artists. Together we go through research and experiments to create artwork based on your stories. We change the subject regularly and collect different cultural phenomena. Sometimes we do exhibitions and soon you will find selected artworks in our shop.

  • Method

    Our method is based on deep research of inner triggers and likes, superimposed on the contemporary art base. We dive deep to see your dark sharks or to have fun with your dolphins.

  • Community

    This is a community of people with different backgrounds. You don't require any skills to start, but you can be an experienced artist as well. Both ways are working because during the course you are working on your own practice based on your background.

  • So is it serious?

    If you want it to be so. Basically, we can base our works on memes or TikTok insights, modern culture, and have fun with welcome drinks. But we anyway study art theory and have some additional riding. So you can have it all.